Security Incident Response

In case of emergency, let our security experts stop the cyberattack and minimize the impact of intruders.

Onevinn CSIRT can help you recover data from encrypted files, get the rebuilding process up to speed, and provide strategic advice moving forward. Fill out the form below and we will contact you!

Workplace Services

The goal of our work is to create a transparent, cost-effective security that is noticed as little as possible by the users. We call it “intelligent security” plain and simple

Service Areas

Workplace Management & Security

We design and create the next generation Workplace optimized for your organisation. Design and architecture, Zero trust models and Secure Mobility.

Productivity and Collaboration

How can you ensure that your organisation stays secure and productive in a remote working world. We help organisations with teams adoption and productivity assessments.

Security and Compliance

Do you have control of your Information Protection, Identity protection and Compliance of data inside your organisation? Let us help you to get control of your identities, devices and data.

Other Solution Areas


First line of defense are your employees, make sure you have a great security awareness and security culture built in to your organisations DNA.


We help you protect your identity, apps, data and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Microsoft 365 and Azure.


New services requires new ways of handling and maintenance. We will automate the process and remediate the incidents. We simply take care of that for you.