Security Incident Response

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Security Testing

Get started with proactive enterprise security testing today!

What is Security Testing?

To help enterprises pre-emptively identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, Onevinn passionately offers security testing services.

Onevinn’s offensive security services provide systematic and thorough security audits on your applications or infrastructure to provide you with a clear understanding of your current security posture. Available solutions range from standardized penetration tests to more threat-oriented testing procedures – such as Red Team engagements.

Our solutions include proactive threat reduction and risk mitigation in the form of specialized security audits carried out by our offensive security certified experts.

Maintain a proactive state of security and risk awareness with Onevinn’s Security Testing.

Security Testing Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration tests offer in-depth systematic security evaluations focused on systems, networks, or applications where the goal is to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities to further develop an organization’s security posture.

Red Team

Red Team engagements simulate a threat actor’s attack against your infrastructure. The packages we offer incorporate a range of attack vectors, where the engagement is customized to your organization’s needs.

Vulnerability Assessment

The Vulnerability Assessment solution utilizes vulnerability assessment tools to identify, evaluate, and report on security weaknesses within your networks, applications, or systems.

Training and Education

Gain insight into how attackers conduct their operations and learn some tricks of the trade. Onevinn’s education solutions provide offensive security courses and awareness training for schools and companies alike.

Onevinn Security Testing Value Add

Penetration tests, Red Team engagements, and vulnerability assessments are all uniquely effective procedures for acquiring valuable insight into your organization’s security posture and resilience to threat actors.

The process delivered by above mentioned services intend to:

Elevated security awareness

Strengthen cyber-kill-chain threat resiliency

Attain security posture insight

Deliver valuable meetings, debriefs, and reports

Make security remediations a clear and concise actionability

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