Security Incident Response

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Onevinn MDR

24/7 Managed Security Service

What is Onevinn MDR?

Managed Security Service

A highly appreciated Managed Security Service from Onevinn

Detection and Reponse

Detection and Response capabilities for faster remediation of attacks

24/7/365 Service

24/7 monitoring by experienced security analysts, including detection and response


Security Incident Response

Do you have an ongoing Security Incident, get help now:

Managed Detection and Response

We all need more support in security – assistance, detection of threats, and the ability to improve an environment while respecting those who work within it. As both risk and threat actors grow more advanced so does the need for a partner who can help you 24/7.

Onevinn MDR is the next evolution of the traditional Security Operations Center, monitoring and responding to threats seamlessly. At Onevinn we are passionate about our customers and our goal will always be to improve your security posture through our valued collaboration with you as a customer.

Onevinn MDR utilizes a host of both SIEM and XDR solutions to maximize our efficacy in detecting and responding to threats. This is done both reactively and proactively through advanced threat hunting, which is seamlessly automated with detection rules tailored to minimize noise and impact for your organization.

Onevinn MDR Value Add

Continuous proactive monitoring and remediation from a trusted partner

Expedient response time all hours and days of the year

24/7 experienced Security Analysts available just one message away

Threat Hunting and automated detection with reduced noise

Global Threat Intelligence and continuous monitoring of current trends and developments

Respond faster and smarter with intelligent security

Sixty-two percent of organizations are not confident in their security posture. The past few years have seen a rapid shift to remote work, making traditional security tools obsolete and creating a security gap.

The threat landscape continues to evolve with fast-moving, increasingly sophisticated attacks, and bad actors that will exploit any vulnerability. To help enterprises better protect their IT environment, Onevinn offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR), an extended detection and response solution built on Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender. This integration helps a company offload security pressure by letting an external party both manage the day-to-day threats, but also illuminate flaws in the security posture.


"With Onevinn MDR, we have reduced our threat response time dramatically"


"With Onevinn MDR (Managed Detection and Response), our organisation benefits it´s 24/7/365 security monitoring and response"


“Our services differ from traditional monitoring because we not only passively monitor, but also respond to incidents as they arise,”

Why Onevinn?

Onevinn is a Trusted Microsoft Partner, with security in its very DNA. We have been building and integrating Intelligent Security Solutions based on Microsoft technology for over 20 years.

Beyond monitoring, responding to, and remediating threats, we proactively Threat Hunt and conduct simulated attacks to weed out deep-rooted issues and vulnerabilities to be patched.

As a company, we are passionate about what we do and our customer's success is our key focus.


Onevinn Reference Case: Greenfood AB

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