Security Incident Response

In case of emergency, let our security experts stop the cyberattack and minimize the impact of intruders.

Onevinn CSIRT can help you recover data from encrypted files, get the rebuilding process up to speed, and provide strategic advice moving forward. Fill out the form below and we will contact you!

Software Marketplace

Here you can find releases of our plugins and applications.

We want our software pricing to be easy simple and free for some!

We have decided that all our software should be free to use for any Public Educational Institutions (Schools, Universities etc) and non-profit organizations like Government, Health, Army, Police etc.

System Integrators (SI’s) or companies selling services to these organizations are also free to utilize our software.

Pricing is in Euro (€) for the European market and US Dollars (USD) for all other regions, per managed endpoint, per year.



State of the art replacement for BGInfo as background and status
generator during OS deployment with MS Endpoint manager.
This full feathered C# application also offers password protected debug mode and remote control.


Webinar The Smart Way to a Modern Workplace

A modern Managed workplace is something that many organizations are looking at for the moment. Working from home which fast became a reality for many organizations this spring due to Covid-19 has made the need of a more modern way to manage the managed windows clients.