Security Incident Response

If you think you have or know you have a Security Incident please fill in the form and our experienced Onevinn CSIRT team will reach out shortly.
The team has long experience in supporting customers in Incident Response and Compromised Recovery.
Keep calm and we will be with you shortly!

Software Marketplace

Here you can find releases of our plugins and applications.


Application TSCommander

Onevinn TSCommander adds the possibility to run server-side commands from a running MEMCM
Task sequence. It consists of two parts, an extension to the Task sequence editor in the MEMCM
console and a Windows service.

Application TS-Background

Task Sequence Background by Onevinn

State of the art replacement for BGInfo as background and status generator during OS deployment with MS Endpoint manager. This full feathered C# application also offers password protected debug mode and remote control.

Application Reboot Watcher

Let Reboot Watcher monitor your clients for pending reboots. This highly configurable utility runs in System context and notifies the user when a reboot is necessary.

Application Windows 10 Upgrade Tools

Most experts agree that the best way to upgrade Windows 10 in the enterprise is through a MEMCM Task Sequence. No other means allows the same level of customization but the end user experience could be improved. The Onevinn Windows 10 Upgrade Tools are intended to fill this gap.



Automatic Certificate Revocation by Onevinn.

Automatization of certificate revocation (blacklisting) in organizations where a Microsoft Active Directory and PKI infrastructure is implemented. Typical certificates are certificates for Wifi, VPN or Mail


Automatic Bulk Enrollment by Onevinn.

Controlled Automatization of certificate enrollment filter matching​
Multi/Bulk-enrollment of certificates from Microsoft Certificate Authority​
Web-based for easy integration and access over HTTPS


Tools Tool-OA

Onevinn Assistant - A Project Collaboration & IT Multi Tool which can be used as Credential Manager, Web Browser, RDP Client and Sharing Client for integrated Project menus