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Insider Risk Management

Prevent data breaches - Get started with Insider risk management today!

What is Insider Risk Management

Today data leaks are very common and continuing to go upwards. It can be anything from users sending sensitive information to their private email with good intent, to someone exfiltrating data with the purpose of leaking trade secrets using an internal user account. If you want to have control over your data, Onevinn can help you identify and detect insider risks with the Insider Risk Management solution and information security. These solutions offer you as a client proactive threat reduction and risk mitigation in the form of specialized security audits carried out by our certified offensive security experts.

Integrated Machine Learning

Machine learning will help the security team to see which users are in-scope and identify the risky activity’s that is of higher importance than others and help the investigation to detect exfiltration that might be missed with traditional methods like Data Loss Prevention (DLP)-technics

Sequence Detection

Sequence detection helps investigators to identify attempts to evade detection with the additional exfiltration signals for downgrading document sensitivities or uploads of data to a private cloud

Pseudonymized user identity

Pseudonymized user identity in the risk activity history with role-based access controls is used to meet data protection regulations such as GDPR

React on alerts

Export alert information to Microsoft Sentinel, SIEM Solution, to react faster on alerts

Onevinn Insider Risk Management Value Add:


Analyze potential risks and identify areas of higher user risk in the organization and suggest appropriate policies.

Alert Statistics

Clear diagrams of alert importance that show activities that exceed the organizations averages and set up email notification if a high severity alert is detected.

Risky behavior

In many cases actions that create alerts are accidental or inadvertent. Showing the user with risky behavior as a reminder of corporate policies via email is an effective method.

Audit Events

Additional audit events of activities in the user timeline or activity explorer that investigators did within Insider Risk management

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