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Cloud Security Assessment - Microsoft Azure

Get started securing your Azure Cloud environment today!

Onevinn Cloud Security Assessment offer in-depth systematic security evaluations focused on Identity, devices and data/Information in your tenant

What's the objective of a Cloud Security Assessment for Microsoft Azure?

Onevinns Cloud Security Assessment for Azure provides the customer with an in-depth technical report, where Onevinn will evaluate all included workloads, analyze the current state, gain insights of risks, and recommend changes to achieve secure baselines and best practices for the customer workloads. This will help the customer to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in their Azure environment and design a roadmap to a secure baseline for Azure workloads.

To ensure the customer gets the most out of the assessment, Onevinn will provide a detailed report with description, risk, default state, current state and recommendations for each configuration and host a meeting with an executive summary

Onevinn Cloud Security Assessment is developed over the past 10 years of helping our customers with security both on-premises and in cloud. we provide systematic and thorough security audits on customers Microsoft 365 cloud infrastructure to provide the customer with a clear understanding of the current security posture.

Assessment Services

Protect your Cloud Infrastructure

In-depth systematic security evaluations focused on Azure Infrastructure.

Safeguard your Governance

Threat Protection in your cloud estate is crucial these days. Get in control of all security settings in your Governance model.

Protect your Cloud Services

Cloud services need to always be accessible, so they can drive the business into the future.

Training and Education

Get educated in how to take control of your security and compliance settings in Azure during our closing workshop after the audit.

Onevinn Cloud Security Assessment Value Add

While organizations are expanding the usage of Azure workloads, the requirement for protecting identities and data becomes even more important within the cloud. With our Cloud Security Assessment Azure, we help customers to achieve best practice configurations for the workloads and stay protected against modern threats and cyber-attacks.

Our goal is to raise the awareness for our customers about modern cloud security, and get in control of the secure foundation.

To ensure that the customer get most of the assessment, Onevinn will provide a detailed report with description, risk, default state, current state and a recommendation over each configuration and host a meeting with an executive summary.


Elevated security awareness

Safeguard your Azure estate

Attain security posture insight

Deliver valuable meetings, debriefs, and reports

Make security remediations a clear and concise actionability

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